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Steer Ethelston Rural Limited�s objective is to �think sustainable� in all matters connected with the management of the business and the professional advice given to clients. The environmental policy statement outlines the procedures put in place to ensure environmentally sustainable practices are observed.

Office Management

Paper use

Paper use is to be minimised where possible by use of electronic communication.

Recycled paper to be used where available

Blank sides of unwanted printed matter to be used for file notes, copy letters etc.

Waste paper to be recycled.

Electricity Use

Use of natural light in office to be used when possible

Electric lights to be switched off when rooms are unused

Low wattage and long life bulbs to be used for electric lights

Heating only to be provided to rooms being used

Computers to be set to automatic shut down after five minutes of non-use


All products used in connection with the business to be re cycled or composted where possible this includes, inter alia, old printer cartridges, paper, cardboard, magazines, bottles, plastic containers and waste food, tea bags etc.

All purchases for office use, where possible, to be materials which are the most environmentally friendly products available.


Organisation of tasks to be arranged, if possible, to minimise unnecessary journeys, for example, by arranging several visits in the same area.

Car sharing to be used when possible.

Public transport to be used when possible.

Use of video and telephone conferencing to be used when available

Professional advice

Where appropriate, the environmental impact of putting into practice the professional advice given to clients is to be considered as a main priority on a case-by-case basis.

Where appropriate, clients to be informed of the various European and UK regulations and legislation relating to sustainable management, especially in relation to land.

Steer Ethelston Rural Ltd to maintain as part of the Compulsory Professional Development up to date information on environmental regulation and legislation and research both for its own use in the running of the business and in providing professional advice to clients.

Clients to be made aware of the Green Claims Code produced by DEFRA.

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